5 Things That Get in the Way of Firearms Training

Interested in taking a firearms training course in Albuquerque? Before you walk in the door, make sure nothing on your end or the instructor’s end is going to get in the way of your education. One mistake can cost you big with firearms — be informed, be well-trained, and be responsible.

1) Bad advice and misconceptions

Your friend with a huge gun collection or your police officer cousin isn’t necessarily a source of good advice on the handling of firearms. For every savvy, safe owner out there, there’s someone who will drill bad habits into you. Retraining a bad habit is exponentially harder than training good habits fresh, so make sure you’re learning the right way, from a real expert.

2) Poor student/teacher ratios

Just as with normal schooling, too Firearms Trainingmany students per teacher leads to horrible results. Even the sharpest-eyed expert can’t notice everything happening in a training course if they’re trying to observe 30 or 40 people alone and unassisted. Bad habits slip through such a net, become ingrained, and lead to disaster or difficult retraining down the line.

3) Caliber obsessions

The perfect gun for an individual to carry involves a ton of personal details, but many people prefer to choose a ‘cool’ gun and stick with it regardless of how effective it will be for their needs. This becomes a problem with training when a beginner wants to jump into deep waters without learning the basics first.

4) Obsession with a particular method

On the flip side of bad advice ingraining bad habits, sometimes different teachers prefer different approaches with equal or similar efficacy. When you walk in the door to a training course, put your ego and preferences aside and learn. You can take good lessons from an experienced teacher whether you agree with them on everything or not.