Why You Need Eye and Ear Protection When You Shoot

Whether you’re practicing at the range, participating in a competition, or out hunting, the importance of firearm eye and ear protection shouldn’t be ignored. It only takes one unfortunate moment to produce permanent damage to your hearing or sight. You may not be able to avert these problems completely in a self-defense scenario, but you can certainly remove them as … Read More

5 Things That Get in the Way of Firearms Training

Interested in taking a firearms training course in Albuquerque? Before you walk in the door, make sure nothing on your end or the instructor’s end is going to get in the way of your education. One mistake can cost you big with firearms — be informed, be well-trained, and be responsible. Your friend with a huge gun collection or your … Read More

Tips for Choosing Attachments for Carry Weapons

Considering an attachment or attachments for your favorite carry weapon? Make sure you consider these five factors when you make your choice: 1) Reliability above all else Too many people carry weapons built to the most exacting of standards, holstered in top notch reliable holsters, with bargain bin attachments waiting to break and fail under the rigors of a high-pressure … Read More

3 Mistakes New Concealed Carry License Holders Make

So you’ve received a fresh new concealed carry license, Albuquerque residents, and you’re ready to start carrying? Stop. Maybe you are ready, but we’re talking about a serious piece of equipment, one which can just as easily end a life by accident as by intent, if you mishandle it. So do your due diligence, and avoid these three rookie concealed … Read More

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carry Holster

Choosing the right holster matters more than many gun owners realize. It’s easy to understand the importance of a reliable, convenient holster when you stop and consider the issue, but many fail to put that level of thought into the process; it simply slips past them, unnoticed unless disaster results. So to make sure you’re not one of the many … Read More