Defensive Handgun Concealed Carry – 2 Days – $200

This class not only covers proven techniques for self-defense & survival in an armed confrontation, but also conflict avoidance, confrontation management, comprehensive safety training and gun handling skills, and up-to-date legal information. If you’re going to carry a gun for self-defense, this is the class for you. This class meets all requirements for New Mexico Concealed Carry Licensing. *

Our Albuquerque Defensive Handgun Concealed Carry Class is designed to be a basic defensive training experience in handgun use for personal self-defense. This program meets ALL requirements for a New Mexico Concealed Carry License/Permit ( CCW/CHL/CWL ).

At Handgun Training Plus you will learn proven techniques for survival & self defense in armed confrontations. You’ll also learn conflict avoidance, confrontation management, firearm handling skills, and comprehensive safety training, as well as New Mexico laws and regulations.

If you are new to gun ownership, wish to learn about safe gun handling skills, are going to carry a firearm, concealed or open, this class is for you. We’re your true one-stop source in developing safe firearm skills and obtaining your New Mexico Concealed Carry License.

Your keys to success:

  • Safety
  • Knowledge
  • Small class size (12 max)
  • Individualized Instruction


  • Fingerprinting
  • Notarization Service
  • Range Fees
  • Qualification with 2nd gun
  • Assistance with all forms
  • Rental Guns available
Expandable Baton – 1 Day – $150

Why train with an Expandable Baton?
Expandable Batons are gaining popularity because they are affordable, durable and effective. They are easy to conceal and carry, a breeze to maintain, and offer fewer legal hassles in New Mexico compared to guns.


  • Do not need reloading
  • Can be used silently and discreetly
  • Pose little danger to bystanders and children

An effective strike with an Expandable Baton can incapacitate and disarm an opponent quickly. Plus, they may be carried into locations where firearms are legally prohibited in New Mexico.

Training with this weapon will increase your accuracy and allow you to maximize all of the advantages the Expandable Baton offers. Careful and correct targeting of your attacker’s anatomy is crucial.

What will you learn in our Albuquerque Expandable Baton Training Program?

  • Design features
  • Methods for concealing and carrying your Baton
  • NM Legal aspects of possession and carrying
  • NM Legal aspects of Self-Defense
  • Gripping and Drawing your weapon from concealment
  • Striking targets
  • Movement techniques
  • Communication techniques
  • Combination technique
  • Breathing techniques for increased power
  • Handling surprise situations
  • Defending against animal attack
  • Training can be customized to the Group or Corporate standards. Call for Group & Corporate Discounts.
NRA Certified Metallic Reloading – 1 Day – $150**

I know, everyone knows how to reload, can read a book or learned from their pal in the garage. There are advantages to reloading your own ammo in addition to the major cost savings. From Beginner to Experienced reloader, learn the latest info and techniques and produce your own safe, accurate and reliable custom ammo. After all, how much is it worth to keep all your fingers, etc.

NRA Basic Shotgun – 1 Day – $150*

The basics. It covers the operation, safety, handling, stance, etc. It may even help correct a couple of those bad habits you’ve picked up over the years.

Defensive Long Gun -1 Day – $150

This class is a continuation of the skills acquired in the tactical handgun class. Whether it’s a rifle or shotgun, learn how to use it to your advantage. This is a class for the individual using a long gun for self-defense & survival, not squad tactics.

Sporting Shotgun – 1 Day – $150

Now, this is a fun class. It’s a fun for sport as well as good preparation for hunting. This is an advanced course covering techniques to improve your shotgun shooting as well as familiarizing you with skeet and trap shooting. This class is as much fun as it is informative.

Private Lessons

Private lessons available, please give us a call at (505) 508-5830.