3 Mistakes New Concealed Carry License Holders Make

1) Poor holster choices

A lot of factors add up to the overall quality of a holster, and any single one of them can render an otherwise perfect holster essentially worthless. When choosing the holster for your needs, you’ll want to keep these factors firmly in mind:

  • Comfort — a holster you can’t stand wearing isn’t just an annoyance. Constant adjusting can defeat the entire purpose of carrying a concealed weapon — and freak out the general public.
  • Build quality — a holster that might fall apart on you and deposit your gun on the ground in the middle of the grocery store is less than ideal.
  • Safety — while a trigger cover isn’t mandatory with good trigger control, it takes a risk factor out of the equation — handy when the adrenaline starts pumping. A good holster also points down, so you aren’t constantly sweeping unsuspecting strangers with the muzzle of a loaded gun.
  • Fit — if your gun only sort of fits a holster, it’s not worth using. You want a holster that maintains a good firm grip, but not one that’s going to catch or hang if you need to make a speedy draw.

2) Ignorance of laws

You might think you understand all the relevant laws for concealed carry. You almost certainly do not. Before you do something new with your gun or visit a new place carrying, make sure you do a quick check for any relevant laws you may run afoul of. The importance of this climbs exponentially when crossing any jurisdictional lines, as what’s reasonable on one side of that line may lead to major headaches on the other side. Do your homework, and fulfill your responsibility as an informed carrier.

3) Losing composure

Most people are going to go through a period where they feel a bit strange carrying a concealed weapon in public. It’s natural. What’s important is recognizing when you’re acting differently and acting to counter your bad instincts. Don’t walk funny. Don’t constantly check to make sure your gun is still there. Don’t make big adjustments in public. And don’t take unnecessary risks you wouldn’t take unarmed.