5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carry Holster

Choosing the right holster matters more than many gun owners realize. It’s easy to understand the importance of a reliable, convenient holster when you stop and consider the issue, but many fail to put that level of thought into the process; it simply slips past them, unnoticed unless disaster results. So to make sure you’re not one of the many who carry a firearm in a wholly unsuitable holster, keep these five factors in mind as you make your purchase:

1) Comfort

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your holster looks, feels, holds, and protects, if it rubs against you the wrong way every time you wear it. If you’re carrying concealed, you’re going to out yourself quite quickly fiddling with a gun that sets ill against you. You might also find yourself carrying less frequently to avoid the discomfort, or wearing your holster incorrectly to minimize discomfort, compromising it in the process. So make sure you’re going to be comfortable with a holster before you buy it.

2) Hold

A holster that doesn’t grip your gun properly isn’t worth wearing, even if you’re wearing it so that gravity isn’t likely to betray you. Why? Because if the unexpected happens, you don’t want to add a loose gun to the equation. That loose old holster may be a real joy most of the time, but you won’t appreciate it much if you find yourself with a gun flying around because you tripped, jumped, or got in an accident. Also, make sure that you are able to obtain a full firing grip while the gun is in the holster. This way, the grip does not need to be adjusted after the draw.

3) Safety features

A gun is remarkably less dangerous in the hands of someone who respects it and handles it properly, but you owe it to yourself and others to minimize the risks of your carry. You may practice excellent trigger control 99.99% of the time, but will you with adrenaline pumping? You might be careful to never reveal your concealed weapon, but accidents happen — do you want your gun grabbed by a criminal? Invest in a holster with good safety features, and you’ll rest easier.

4) Angle

Some holsters completely defy all common sense. It’s the simplest rule of firearms: don’t point your gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy. Yet countless shoulder holsters point straight back. Other holsters seem designed for humans with no bones in their wrists, contortionists willing to do a dance to draw, and other bizarre users.

5) Build quality

Perhaps the hardest to check if you’re not already holster-savvy, build quality nonetheless deserves your fullest attention. The last thing anyone needs is a holster that decides to come apart and deposit their gun on the floor — there’s never a ‘good time’ for that. Poorly made holsters might stick, slip, or otherwise interfere with your draw in an emergency, too. Invest in something solid.

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